Los Altos Brethren School

Dear Parents,

Have you ever thought about writing a letter to your student’s teacher expressing how you value your child? The first days are done and we are into the daily grind! Do you have a plan for success for your child to communicate to the teacher? Take a moment and send an email to your child’s teacher to give them a parent’s view of their student!  You know them better than anyone else! What do you appreciate about your child? How do you see your child as they respond to new situations? When does your child work best? All these insights can give a tremendous view for teachers as they build a “Teacher – Student” relationship. 

        This is going to be the best school year ever!

Mrs. Martin & Mrs. Witbeck

The Bible is God’s Word and the source of all truth.

2 Timothy 3:16-17
“All Scripture is given by inspiration of God,
and is profitable for doctrine, for reproof, for
correction, for instruction in righteousness

 Character Trait:  Responsibility/Work

Scrip orders are filled every Monday and sent home with your student same day unless your order is back-ordered.  Andrea Butler, scrip coordinator, is available to answer any questions.  Please contact her at (562) 305-3821 or [email protected]Please return the envelopes if you do not order scrip.  Thanks.

Important Dates to Remember

Monday, Oct. 3            –      PSG Meeting, 7:00-8:00pm
                                             Free child care available

Tuesday, Oct. 4            –      Early dismissal, 1:50pm

Tuesday, Oct. 4           –     BCHS Band Night Rehearsal (Advanced Band)

Friday, Oct. 7               –     BCHS Band Night @ Ocean View High School

Friday, Oct. 14            –      Pupil Free Day.  Parent/Teacher Conferences.

Saturday, Oct. 22               Burritos & Board Games @ LAGBC

Mon-Fri, Oct. 24-28    –     Red Ribbon Week                            

Monday, Oct. 31          –     Serve Day, Regular Schedule
                                             (details to follow)

 Los Altos Coffee House                                Chapel
Every Friday morning, 7:00-9:30am              Every Friday morning, 9:30am
All items offered on a donation                     Parents are always welcome!
only basis.   

On the first Tuesday of each month grades K-6 are dismissed at 1:50 p.m.  Our teaching staff then meets for an extended time to discuss curriculum, have in-service education, or make long-range plans.  Our next early dismissal is Tuesday, October 4th.

It is very important to us that our students, parents, and staff are safe during drop-off and pick-up.        Do not make u-turns in front of the school.  The danger of an accident is too risky.  Please pull to the Vuelte Grande turn lane and make your u-turn if you are traveling east and the signal at Palo Verde if traveling west.  Even turning on top of the hill is dangerous.  Please DO NOT DOUBLE PARK.  Long Beach police will ticket for these offenses!  Also, please be courteous to our neighbors at drop-off and pick-up.  Making a u-turn in front of the drop-off/pick-up gate is not safe.  Thank you!

A note from the Parent Support Group (PSG) to LABS Parents,
            We need YOUR help!  Our school has a strong legacy of parent support.  The PSG exists to give parents an opportunity to come alongside the school staff to support their efforts in educating our children.  A strong PSG, combined with the generosity of our school families, has provided countless opportunities for our school.  PSG also provides strong volunteer support to the various needs of our school.
               Immediate help is needed for the Jog-a-thon (Nov. 4) and the Goodwill Drive (Nov. 5).  Without parent support some of our events will not be possible.  Please contact the office to get involved.
               Our first PSG meeting is on Monday, Oct. 3, 7:00-8:00pm (free childcare) in the 2nd grade classroom.  Your ideas and support are greatly appreciated!

Our advanced band will be joining elementary schools and the Brethren Christian Jr. & Sr. High School bands to play at the varsity football game on Friday, October 7th at 7:00pm @ Ocean View High School in Huntington Beach.  This would be a great family outing.

Tuesdays @ 8:30am in the music room.
Please join us!

            We would like to announce a change to our snack policy for after school day care.  You may now provide a snack for your child on days when you know they will be in after school care.  Simply pack an extra item in their lunchbox and remind your child to save an item for after school snack.  Students who are participating in after school activities (art, technology, sports, etc.) will be given an opportunity to eat a snack from their lunch before the activity begins at 3:15pm.
            The children who are NOT in after school activities will have snack at approximately 3:30pm when after school care has gotten underway.  If you do not provide a snack, or if your child has after school care unexpectedly, we will provide a snack for them.