Los Altos Grace Elementary

Financial Aid

Providing a Christian education for one’s children is a gift that lasts a lifetime. This decision means making sacrifices. Sacrifices that are worth it when focusing on the benefits of spiritual growth, academic success, social and emotional maturity, and overall joy of learning. Studies show that Christian school students have a significant academic advantage over their traditional public-school counterparts as well as better student behavioral outcomes. There is also a narrowing of the achievement gap when looking at race/ethnicity and income.



It is the intention of Los Altos Grace Schools that a child not be denied a Christ-centered education solely on the basis of family income. The primary purpose of the Tuition Grant Program is to provide tuition assistance to those families who, without such assistance, would be unable to send their children to Los Altos Grace Schools. This scholarship/grant program is funded completely by donation.


Who is eligible for Tuition Assistance?

All students of Los Altos Grace Schools are eligible to apply for tuition assistance.

The following guidelines will apply to all applicants:

  • The student must be fully registered and accepted by Los Altos Grace Schools for the school year.
  • All financial commitments from the previous year must be fulfilled prior to applying for assistance.


  Criteria for Determining Amount of Aid

The following Primary and Secondary criteria will be utilized to help determine both the qualification and need level for each applicant. Primary criteria is that which will have a direct bearing on the amount of aid.


Primary Criteria

  • A family’s FACT (Financial Anticipated Contribution Total) report as determined by the Independent Tuition Analysis Company—BeneFAQ (Benevolent Financial Aid Qualification).

Secondary Criteria

  • Demonstrated past willingness to volunteer time and talent within the Los Altos Grace School ministry.
  • Additional circumstances communicated to the Tuition Grant Committee in writing that are deemed relevant by the committee.



Tuition grants will typically be awarded at levels equaling 20%, 35%, or 50% of total tuition. Awards in excess of 50% must be approved unanimously by the School Commission. Awards will be pro-rated and credited monthly during the school year.

The Tuition Grant Application Process

  • Submit completed, signed Los Altos Grace Schools Application for Admission Form
  • Pay non-refundable Registration Fee
  • Meet with School Administrator
  • Pass the entrance test
  • Complete a Tuition Assistance Application through BeneFAQ
    • Make a free parent account and follow the step-by-step instructions on the website.
    • Be sure to include an explanation of need in the “additional information” area.



  • The School Commission will meet to review all applications.
  • As funds remain available:
    • The committee will meet in June and August to review all applications.
  • The School Commission may call an emergency meeting, if needed.



Parents who apply for tuition grants will receive written notification 2-3 weeks following the committee meetings in June and August.



Tuition Grants will be discontinued if:

  • Parents fail to keep their portion of tuition payments current.
  • Students develop serious discipline problems.
  • Parent’s views, attitudes and/or actions are not in agreement with the school’s philosophy and policies.



Tuition grant award will be for a maximum duration of one school year. All parents are eligible to re-apply annually.