Jog-A-Thon 2017-2018

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Come Join Us for this
FUNdraiser for our school!


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On Your Mark, Get Set, Let’s Jog!

 Friday, November 3, 2017 

   K-6th Jog-a-Thon

1st-3rd Jog Time 9:00am-10:00

4th-6th Jog Time 10:00am-11:00am

                        Kindergarten Jog Time 11:00am-11:30am 

Our goal this year is to raise $22,000!


Our annual Jog-A-Thon will be held on Friday, November 3rd.  This is our school’s main fundraiser. All families are encouraged to join the day, cheering for your students as they run. 


The money you raise goes directly to enriching educational opportunities for our students and staff (such as traveling science programs, field trips, and teacher enrichment seminars), campus upgrades and technology upgrades.


Each student will walk, run or jog for 45 minutes to run laps around a 125-yard track, on the school playground.  All students are invited to participate.

Important Dates

Student Permission Form – Due Friday, October 20

Parent Volunteer Form – Due Friday, October 20

Jog-a-thon, PSG Lunch & Awards AssemblyFriday, November 3

Donations Due Monday, November 13 


How do I get donations?   Ask your friends, family, and neighbors.  Do a job for someone in exchange for a pledge.  Company matching funds.  Have a bake sale in your neighborhood.  Have a car wash.


  • Participation Certificate
  • Medals to the 3 boys and 3 girls, in each class, who run the most laps
  • Award for most improved jogger in each class, grades 2-6
  • Bounce House Party – for any student who raises money
  • $300 Club GetAir Trampoline Party – for any student who raises $300

Jog Day

Jogging clothes should be worn to school, no changing please.  Please be sure your child wears tennis shoes and appropriate jogging clothes.  There will be no time to change. They may stop and rest at any time.  Water will be available at all times.   All joggers will get a Gatorade drink after they jog.  We have lots of fun planned for the day – be sure to check out the schedule so you don’t miss out on anything!

Jog-a-Thon Schedule

Friday, November 3 

                                      9:00-10:00am                                 1st-3rd Grade Jog

                                      10:00-11:00am                                4th-6th Grade Jog

                                      11:00-11:30am                                 Kinder Jog

                                      11:45am                                            Kinder Awards Assembly

                                      11:40-12:15pm                                 1st-3rd PSG Pizza Lunch (families invited)

                                      12:15-12:45pm                                 4th-6th PSG Pizza Lunch (families invited)

                                      1:30-1:50pm                                     1st-6th Awards Assembly (families welcome)

                                      1:50pm                                               Early Dismissal

Please note – school begins at its regular time, 8:30am and will be dismissed following the awards assembly at 1:50pm.  We have a fun day planned with the jog in the morning, Deli News Pizza lunch, and capping off our day with an awards assembly.  Family and friends are invited to join us for the day.


We need YOU!  It takes many volunteers to make the jog-a-thon run smoothly and be a success for our students, their families and our school.  Volunteers are needed, on the day of the jog-a-thon, to help with set up, count laps, the water station and clean up.  Volunteers are will also be needed to help with the bounce house party and to drive students to the $300 party.

Volunteers – Please complete and return the Volunteer Form


All money collected is due by Monday, November 13, and donations are TAX DEDUCTIBLE.

Turning in Donations:  Money that is collected can be turned into the office anytime from Tuesday, October 17 through Monday, November 13.  All donations MUST include the student’s name each time money submitted.  All money must be received by November 15 to be eligible to count towards the awards and parties.  

Online Donations:  You can now donate online! Click HERE.

Pledge Per Lap:  Following the jog-a-thon, a “Student Lap Count” sheet will go home with your student.  Please share this information with anyone who has given a “pledge per lap”.  Students who have “per lap” pledges should collect the money at that time.

Company Matching Funds:  Many companies match funds raised for nonprofit organizations.  This can double what your student raises – don’t forget to check!  We can help by providing the necessary information to your company/corporation.  Contact the office for help.

Checks should be made out to LABS PSG. 

Awards & Parties

Awards Assembly –  There will be an awards assembly, in the chapel, from 1:30-1:50.  We’ll have a video of pictures from the day and give all the awards and medals.  Family members and friends are welcome to join.

Every student (K – 6th Grade) who raises money will be able to participate in a huge bounce house party with multiple bounce houses.  If we hit certain targets, the party will be enhanced with extras such as popcorn and/or shaved ice.

$300 Club*: Every student (K – 6th Grade) who raises at least $300 will enjoy an additional school day activity: a GetAir Trampoline Party.

*Eligibility is based on actual money collected and turned in by November 13.