First Grade

Welcome to the First Grade Jungle for Jesus!

Hello!  I am Mrs. Burns and I am thrilled, honored and blessed to be teaching at Los Altos Brethren.  I love my calling as a teacher and I love the children, staff and families here.  You’re making the right decision by looking into sending your child to Los Altos Brethren!

I’m a huge proponent of Christian Education – my husband and I have had our own children in Christian schools from early childhood, 3-year old preschool all the way through 12th Grade.  I was a stay-at-home Mom of three for 15 years before putting my Bachelor’s degree in teaching from Cal State University Dominguez Hills to work as a teacher in 2009. Along with my education, I feel my experiences as a Mom,  leader  in children’s church and in each of my own children’s classes for 14 years well prepared me for my wonderful career as a teacher.

My passion is to have a safe, fun, and hands-on, multisensory learning environment for the children; as well as show Jesus’ love in all we do.  My prayer is: for my students to learn for a lifetime, not for a test, to find their own confidence and independence, to know they are created special by a special Creator, and to know in their hearts that Jesus always loves them!

Some fun things we can look forward to along the First Grade Jungle for Jesus Adventure are:

  • Interactive learning with our projector and document camera
  • In-desk Lego “Counters”
  • 2 level Reading Tree Hut
  • Art, PE, and Computer Classes
  • Fun Science Experiments
  • Daily Journaling
  • Taking turns going upstairs for Reading Groups with Mrs. Bain
  • In-class Library
  • Weekly Queen/King of the Jungle
  • Walks to the Park
  • Flat Stanley Project
  • 100th Day of School Fun
  • Dr. Seuss B-day Fun
  • Making our “Bodies”
  • Marble Parties (the class as a whole earns)
  • Punch Cards/Treat Box (earn individually)
  • Star Winners/Sticker Books (earn individually)
  • Field Trips: Amy’s Farm, Biola Music, Stater Brothers, Santa Ana Zoo, etc
  • End of the year First Grade Jungle Gift Shop (earn Jungle money and purchase items!)
  • Special Birthday gifts from Mrs. Burns
  • Performing our own Chapel presentation
  • Performing Readers Theater!
  • …And many, many more fun times!


Please stop by Room 10 and visit our First Grade Jungle for Jesus, where Learning is an Adventure!
Mrs. Burns