Los Altos Brethren School is proud to offer a comprehensive set of programs to meet the individual needs of each of our students.  Please go to the individual pages for more information.


We provide a solid academic program that produces students ready to tackle their future.


Our award-winning music program allows our students to get personalized instruction and to participate in our choir and bands.


We are proud to offer an advanced technology program which gives the students outstanding opportunities to learn and grow in skills that will help them the rest of their lives.


We are pleased to supplement the core curriculum with additional materials in the arts, science, reading, and math.


Our students enjoy a number of different extra activities throughout the year.

Preschool – Los Altos Brethren Preschool

Our wonderful preschool was established to provide an excellent Christian educational experience in a warm and loving atmosphere for children three and four years of age.

Summer Fun Preschool Program

Our wonderful preschool offers a special summer program.